August 19, 2007

Faking your own death for what?

After reading on a blog that wireless companies would cancel the contracts of deceased customers, "I thought, 'What have I got to lose, besides a cellphone I despise?' " Taylor said. The Chicago consultant fashioned a fake death certificate and had a friend fax it to Verizon Wireless, his carrier. He thought he was in the clear -- until the company caught on.

Ugh. What the heck? How stupid can you be? I do hope he's being sued for fraud as well. Breaking a legally binding contract is a serious offense.

It's rather simple: you pay less for your phone, if you sign a relatively long contract. In some countries, this practice is illegal, but in the US it is common, and I can't imagine that there is anyone that doesn't know why they get a discount. You get a BlackBerry curve from AT&T for 300 if you get a 2 year contract. If you don't want that contract, you pay 450 for the same phone. How hard is this to understand? Of course you pay at least 150 when you break your contract.


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