September 23, 2011

FTL neutrinos

Ok, in addition to my longstanding scientific prediction that the god particle (Higgs boson) does not exist and will therefor never be found: the neutrino speed measurement will turn out to be an experimental error or will disappear with higher-order terms in the theoretical calculations underpinning the interpretation of the result.

Reason for this prediction? Massive photons cannot play a role in QED, and QED is the most accurate theoretical framework we have. The maximum speed could be assumed to be different for particles that interact electrically (photons, neutrons, protons, electrons, ...) and those that only interact through the weak force (like neutrinos). However, some particles interact both ways. It seems messy and ad hoc.

So, at my most cynical, and with excuses to my former colleagues, I call this just PR BS, a way to keep the non-scientific public interested now that the god particle seems to be off the table. It's a good attempt, though, and it might easily drag out for a couple of years. But something better needs to be found.


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