June 06, 2006


Sorry, not so creative today. Found the following online diary worth reading, while trying to find a site I was one yesterday: http://irregulartimes.com

What really made me laugh was a comment on the site, from Ralph:

So when are liberals going to wake up? It’s time to tell it like it is: Republican policies are attempting to turn tomorrow’s United States into yesterday’s Soviet Union. Here’s the text of the anti-Republican ad for 2006 and 2008:
“Under the Soviet Union, the Communist government had unlimited power to spy on its own people.”
(Scenes of military march through Red Square, overlay headlines of Bush wiretapping)
“It established a system of secret prisons, where people were held indefinitely and brutalized outside of the rule of law.”
(Some scenes from the Soviet gulag, some headlines on Guantanamo torture, scenes of the cages at Guantanamo)
“It suppressed all knowledge that contradicted the ideology of the ruling party.”
(Red hammer and sickle, and Headlines: Bush censors science.)
“It used propaganda disguised as news to deceive its own people.”
(Headlines: Bush pays for propaganda disguised as news.)
“These policies spelled disaster for the Soviet Union. So why has the Republican party introduced them in the United States?”
(Catchphrase) “Republican policy: Bad for the Soviet Union. Bad for America.”


Blogger Worried said...

Right on the nose. BushCo copies Hitler and Stalin? What worked for them should work for him. Perhaps he/they (neocons) need to review the end game for Hitler and Stalin.

1:09 PM  
Blogger Sothis said...

Have you thought of emailing this to the DNC?

10:10 PM  

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