June 11, 2006

Hot blogging

Well, finally summer here. A bit before schedule. Three days of high-twenties in a row. Very nice. On the bad side of things, I'm 1.5 for 7 in world cup matches, if I get to watch this game out. No, not in predicting the winner, just in getting to watch the games.

Iran and Mexico still tied. Awesome. Go Iran. Best thing to happen would be if they could move to the next round. They're nuts for soccer, so they can't be all that religious. Just look at the US, they're religious, so they don't care for soccer. There can be only one.... One altar, that is, and I guess that when it really gets down to it, I prefer nations that pray for their soccer players, rather than their soldiers


Blogger Sothis said...

But the U.S. made it and Belgium didn't!!!! Nanny, nanny, poo, poo!

And a big raspberry from me to you...

7:31 PM  
Blogger Endorendil said...

Yah. Let's see. The US was in a group of five to qualify. The others were Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, Guatemala and Costa Rica. The only ones NOT to go to the World Cup from that group are Panama and Guatemala. 4 out of 6 qualified.

Belgium was in the same group with Spain, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lithuania and San Marino. Only 2 out of 6 qualified.

It's Belgium's lot to be in the middle of Soccer Central...

And anyway, we've been in the WC 11 times, and this is the first time since 1978 that we haven't been in there... We're overdue for a break.

7:52 PM  
Blogger Callooh said...

my my have I stepped into a soccer snit?

I'm for any-one-but-the-US, so Iran works, Mexico works... okay lets be honest, I'm in for the legs, for the game, and just watchin' em play, couldn't give a hoot who wins, just as long as its not the US, they just don't care enough about soccer here - the fact they CALL it soccer says enough.

3:49 AM  

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