June 13, 2006

Tidbits that burned into my mind...

The UK is going to start taxing garbage. About blooming time. Apparently Flanders is the region with the highest percentage of recycling - about 71% of its thrash is sorted and recycled. This percentage is apparently still rising. At the very least it shows it can be done. Granted, they have put containers on every other corner, and most cities have their own recycling parks. Quite handy, since pickup from the door follows a labyrinthine schedule.

In the gross miscarriage of justice section - straight from the UK - two items. One, the big raid this month in London, where 250 police and MI5 officers raided a house in search of a chemical weapon, during which they accidentally shot someone, whome they then (afterwards!) beat up and dragged down the stairs (head banging the steps). Yeah, that one. Big oopsie. Both guys that were arrested have now been released without charges. Two, in a case I recall with horror, a woman that had killed three of her children as infants, has been released. Well, actually she was released a while back, and she just wrote about the ordeal. See, apparently, all three of these children died of SIDS. She was convicted because the experts said it couldn't happen. Four years in jail, where she received plenty of abuse (including burn wounds from hot coffee) due to the nature of her alleged crime. No one has apologized to her, least of all the expert whose testimony landed her in jail.

Words fail. I can't imagine losing a child to SIDS (not really). But then be accused of having murdered them? Good grief.

Disclaimer: all this was regurgitated from memory from the BBC news radio I listened to today. No time to factcheck, Brasil is about to play....


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